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Northern soul sensation, Beth Macari, has released the first of five new singles as a pre-cursor to her debut album, scheduled for release later in the year.

Following swiftly on the back of successful 2019 releases, Stronger, and One More Time, the latter a stunning piano ballad, her new single, I Promise (That I Got You) shows Macari at her stunning, soulful best.

Now, in what is a completely different climate to previous years, Beth, and her band – Jonny Winter (pianist/keys), Stuart Davies (guitarist/bassist) and Phil Bell (drummer), have recorded both the current release, as well as the next four tracks, in preparation for release during 2020, at their own, in-home studio.

The first of a five-part storyline, one which has been plotted by both the musician and her team of talented musicians, I Promise (That I Got You) is about something that although she’s never been involved herself, she’s implored music lovers to interpret themselves.

“Releasing new music is definitely something that takes away the worry and anxiety, even just for a moment,” says Beth, words which resonate immensely in the current climate.

“I genuinely believe that these (the five tracks she put down at the start of the year) are the best things that I have created so I’d like to thank you all for being patient with me.

“I also hope that you all like my music just as much as I do as these (five) singles, they share a running theme of honesty and self-love.

“I believe in the importance of being honest, both with yourself, and in your friendships, to have clear communication and respect is priceless. 

“Also, in knowing your self-worth and being able to say ‘I am enough, I am everything I need,’ is difficult to do, but when you do, it’s like the biggest weight lifted off your shoulders.”  

After the release of her new single an early surprise for Beth was an Easter ‘present’ airplay by Gaby Roslin on BBC Radio London/BBC Sounds, Beth joining the show alongside Katie Piper and Alice Liveing, both whom the Northern Soulstress has resonated with in recent times, the former being an inspiration for the Tyneside musician.

Afterwards, Beth having also given an acapella performance of her new track, said: “I get so excited and nervous whenever I do interviews. 

“But there is no better, more exhilarating feeling than hearing your music on the radio, especially when such kind words are being said about your voice.”  

Released on April 3, Beth Macari’s new single, I Promise (That I Got You), is available to download now on all platforms via

Beth’s next release in the series of five, entitled ‘You Made My Baby Cry,’ is scheduled for release on Thursday, 8 May, from all the usual outlets. 

Mr Peter Mann BSc
BSc (Hons) Sport Psychology 

Inside Mann Media & PR07596657371
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