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Originated from Carson City, NV in 2012, We Predict a Riot has created a name for themselves in Northern Nevada. With engaging melodic lyrics and heavy break downs, their music is enjoyable to a variety of different fans. Its hard to not get sucked in to their songs, simply because the lyrics are from the heart along with the catching sound. We Predict a Riot’s influences are Asking Alexandria, We Came as Romans, As I Lay Dying, and I the Breather. Even with those as influences, they have a sound of their own that is difficult to duplicate. The hard work that each band member has put into We Predict a Riot and the love that they have for the art of music shows every time they get on stage . In addition, the out pouring appreciation to their fans is another reason why they are so likeable. We Predict a Riot, being the modest band that they are, always remember that with out their fan they would not be who they are today. Its hard to not feel like you have known them forever, even if all you did was get a picture taken with them.
The story of We Predict a Riot started out with just some childhood friends enjoying some summer jam sessions together. The summer of 2012, Ray Ramirez, Danny Harrington, and Eric Albright would get together and playfully collaborate their talents. Eventually, they had realized that maybe there was something bigger and better in store for them. The 3 guys had started looking for a front man, when they had found C.J. Klein. Once they started searching for other members to complete the vibe of this band, along came Richard Romero to fill the spot of the other Vocalist. Looking for a bassist was quite difficult, not only looking for someone with the right talent but someone that would fit into this little family that they have created. Finally, after many auditions and a lot of interested candidates to fill the bassist position, Darby Wadley had showed his interest. Darby had clicked in to We Predict a Riot as if he had been part of it since the beginning. The dynamics of We Predict a Riot are not something that you can fake, they are a group of best friends that has created bond that is unbreakable. They are on a great road and they aren’t stopping till they reach the top.
We Predict a Riot got a lot of attention from the release of their first EP, “Ambitions”. The band was not excepting the out pour of love from their fans and the amount of excitement that everyone shared for this great accomplishment. We Predict a Riot has played numerous shows in Northern Nevada with a great turn out that never disappoints. And no matter how often they might play, there is always a huge following from the die hard fans that have seem to attach there hearts to We Predict a Riot. We Predict a Riot has also been lucky enough to play with some amazing national acts, from Abandon All Ships to The Ghost Inside, just to name a couple. With the release of the second EP “A World Unknown” arriving soon, the anticipation is almost unbearable. The band has so many upcoming accomplishments that are hard to keep secretive. We Predict a Riot is starting to plan their first official music video to their new single, named after the EP, A World Unknown. Also, they will be having a EP release party for “A World Unknown” in Mid-2015 which already is excepted to have a bigger turn out than the first EP “Ambitions”release in June 2013. That is saying a lot since the release party for “Ambitions” had a turn out of 450+ people that came to show their support. We Predict a Riot has raised the bar awfully high but they wouldn’t accept anything less and would never disappoint. Eventually, they will doing what they love to do, sharing their music with different cities around the country. These 6 guys have ambitions that surpass the stars and no one will stand in their way. The expectations that everyone has for this band, will always be exceeded.
A band started by a few friends, in a town that most people aren’t even aware have paved roads, has blossomed into something that everyone feels welcome to participate in. They have taken the area by storm. We Predict a Riot has accomplished so much by hard work and dedication and have so much more to give.