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SMALL DOGS BITE are highly entertaining, energetic, colourful, flamboyant and original. Having met in 2018, the band from the Forest of Dean have their first album release, OUCH!  Is it Jazz? Is it Rock? With the Dogs, the two meet to great effect: the classic track Elephant combines all genres of modern music in a seamless display of technical wizardry with a catchy sing-along chorus – not something you find everyday.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that OUCH! is more than a bold musical statement. The lyrics deal with modern day angst and worry; observations about the small things in life that affect us all, day to day. The Dogs’ new video, Angry, highlights that –actually – things are never right. What can you do? Oh yeah: get angry!

The musical background to all this musing is born from playing rock and jazz in several bands over many years. These guys are skilled – no doubt about it – and have a drive and energy that belies their years. Rock clubs, jazz clubs, treading the boards around the country (indeed the world) has bought these three together to create a unique sound – think perhaps a cross between XTC and Ian Dury. Enjoy!

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