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Rotherham rap duo Northern Triangle! The pair of friends from South Yorkshire, UK climbed to the top of the charts with their catchy tune ‘F*** You Haters’. Northern Triangle is made up of performer Noddy and producer Mastermind, who first started creating music together 11 years ago, producing their first EP ‘Times are Hard’ which enjoyed local popularity. After the birth of Noddy’s first child, the duo took a break and didn’t create music together for another 10 years! That all changed 11 months ago when Northern Triangle reunited and began creating tracks again. Since then they have created 14 brand new original songs and 3 accompanying music videos. The dedicated pair make all of their music in Mastermind’s home studio and film and edit all of the videos by themselves! Noddy has been a music lover from a young age, singing along to all of the words to Vanilla Ice as a child; he found he had a talent for memorizing words and by his teenage years he had already started MC-ing at local raves. Inspired by the songs of Eminem, Dame Grease and Lily Allen, Noddy creates truthful lyrics that reach out to his listeners. However, Noddy attributes all of his success to band mate Mastermind, he tells BEAT100 ‘My biggest inspiration has been Mastermind, he took me to my first studio session and all my other songs have been made with him. He’s the only person that’s had belief from the start.’ The pair are currently working on a musical package to pitch for a recording deal and are always on the look out for other talented artists to work with. As they prepare for a busy few months,

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