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A gifted songwriter, guitarist and pianist with smooth warm vocals with a hint of grit, Kathleen Elle discovered her songwriting talent after taking a high school music writing course on a whim. With only basic music lessons and a hobby for performing song covers, Kathleen admired artists who could make a difference in someone’s life with a song, so she wrote “Don’t Let Them In” to comfort and encourage bullying victims. It’s message was unique from other anti-bullying efforts that spoke only to bullies and bystanders. “Don’t Let Them In” spoke directly to bullying victims, urging them NOT to not change for bullies, but rather to embrace their uniqueness, find people who accept them, and NOT let bullies’ hateful words into their hearts.

Once she put “Don’t Let Them In” online, she immediately started receiving messages from bullying victims around the world that the song helped them cope with the trauma of bullying and in some instances, saved lives. One girl from the Philippines messaged her that she was about to attempt suicide for the second time from chronic bullying, when she found “Don’t Let Them In” and it literally saved her life!

Recognition for “Don’t Let Them In” also came in the form of awards and scholarships. The song won the 2013 Seventeen Magazine Meanstinks Contest, the 2015 Abercrombie & Fitch Anti-bullying Scholarship, the 2015 Lincoln Center Art Propels the World contest, and the 2016 Campus Movie Fest Elfenworks Social Justice Song. In 2015, Kathleen was also named a National YoungArts winner in the Singer/Songwriter category with her songs “You’re To Blame,” “Green Light,” and “The Girl Next Door”. An organization of arts professionals (including Robert Redford, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Plácido Domingo) who mentor up and coming talent aged 15-18, National YoungArts provided a week’s training in NYC from music industry notables. Kathleen joins alumni recording artists Josh Groban, Judith Hill, Chris Young, and Nicki Minaj.

Kathleen released her debut EP “Helium” in 2015, comprised of 6 songs including her anti-bullying song and the songs that won her entry into National YoungArts. She put her scholarship money toward a degree in Classical Music Composition, which she completes in May, 2019,  while also continuing to write pop songs, perform and tour schools to speak and perform against bullying, and work on a 10 track album titled “Brainwaves.” The title track was released February, 2019, and the album is due spring of 2019. “Although I was late in discovering my talent and love for writing and performing music, I wanted to learn everything I could about music, and the root of all music is classical. My Classical Music Composition Degree has definitely enabled me to produce, arrange and orchestrate my first full length album and show the world how much I’ve grown as an artist. I’m so excited to share my musical stories with the world!”

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