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The Fabs got together in 1964. The band name is a dead give away to the 60`s, although The Beatles were not in mind. At that time The Fabs played a lot of gigs even at their tender age of 14-15. Covers in those days, as most bands did. Most songs were taken from British bands like The Animals, The Rolling Stones and The Kinks. Not suprisingly, they were great musical influences. The band broke up in the late 60´s. After a coupule of short reunions, the original members came together in 2014 and started playing their own material, and that´s where they are now, still at it.

Band members:
Lars Rudolfsson; lead-guitar, wurlitzer, accordion and harmonica. Lars is a well-known director and play-write, and also works with Benny Andersson (yes the ex-ABBA).
Lage Malmsten; bass and vocals. Lage never stopped playing the bass and has been in several bands. He has entertained demented seniors for many years.
Stefan Bergström; drums. Stefan has been a teacher with a strong interest in the arts, as well as painting himself.
Erik Kjellberg; rythm-guitar and vocals, music and lyrics. Erik lived in Canada for 10 years, (David Bottrill is a personal friend) studied Anthropology and has worked as a librarian, grave-digger and translator.

Musically, The Fabs stand with one foot in the 60´s while the lyrics cover present events. Social rights and the Environment are recurring themes. Bluesrock with a message. The band is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

We are now being played by Lonely Oak Radio, LA, Wigwam Radio, NSR Radio in Paris, France, Radio Free Brooklyn NY, Catorweb Radio, Wud Records UK, and IndieLiveMusicRadio, NJ.

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