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Beth Macari is a Tyneside-based pop, soul singer who can count BBC London’s Gaby Roslin among her increasing list of supporters, and deservedly so.

Whether it be in Newcastle, Manchester or London, Macari’s stock is one which continues to rise as she brings her fifties look, stunning vocals, and a style, class and panache to the stage.

Early career has seen her tour with Jane McDonald, and perform alongside Brendan Healy at Sunday for Sammy whilst also able to credit Loose Women, and Bring the Noise on her resume, the latter seeing her front the Sky One show’s house band.

In fact it was whilst with the Bring the Noise show, Beth would share the stage with the likes of Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs), Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls), and Tinie Tempah, the latter of whom she had the honour of singing Happy Birthday, whilst Scherzinger, well she told Beth that her “voice came from baby Jesus.”

Beth’s two earlier releases, Heartstrings, and Voodoo, brought success, Heartstrings affording iTunes chart placing, Voodoo bringing awards, including a uBeat Best Video in late 2016 after which Beth took a step away from the limelight.

Twelve months on a returning Macari had re-invented herself and, as the NE Online Magazine’s inaugural Artist of the Year, began releasing a steady supply of stunning sounds as the performances began to rack up, both at home, and further afield.

Following four releases over the next two years Beth moved into 2020 with the release of I Promise (That I Got You), the first of a handful of releases with the end product being an expected, debut album to come – a set of short stories which will combine to be one bigger story.

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