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Just favorited "Niki Tyler's Unsigned Pop Show - 22/07/2021" by @EGHRadio on Mixcloud
Just favorited "Niki Tyler's Unsigned Pop Show - 22/07/2021" by @EGHRadio on Mixcloud
Just favorited "Unsigned Madness" by @EGHRadio on Mixcloud
Just favorited "Unsigned Madness" by @EGHRadio on Mixcloud
Uploaded "Niki Tyler's Unsigned Pop Show - 22/07/2021" to @mixcloud listen now!
Uploaded "Niki Tyler's Unsigned Pop Show - 22/07/2021" to @mixcloud listen now!

Hailing from South Carolina, the Landon Rojas-fronted rock band, Lovely World, are to release their new single, Edge of Time, on February 14.
With attention firmly increasing across the south-eastern USA on the quartet, Landon (vocals, guitar), being joined in the band by Michael Gilbert (bass), Cameron Smith (guitar), and Cade Rojas (drums), Lovely World’s Valentine’s release is expected to catapult them into a wider, more global consciousness.
Speaking of the upcoming release, Landon Rojas, lead singer of Lovely World, said: “Thanks to EGH for playing Lovely World!  
“This is a big opportunity for us and we’ve grown up listening to rock bands that originated in the UK.
“I think music fans there, and across Europe, will relate to Lovely World and if the rock scene is lacking, then it is because bands today are lacking the authenticity in their song-writing.”
Produced by the esteemed Rick Parker (Lord Huron, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), the new single, Edge of Time, aims to tell an honest story of a girl who survived poverty and prostitution through the love and care of a childhood friend.
The guitarist of Lovely World, Cameron Smith, added: “Lovely World’s music is organic, from the heart and makes people feel good.
“We can’t wait to play to a crowd (in Europe) that understands the rock scene, you better lock up your daughters!”

Containing uplifting lyrics –
Till the end of the earth
Till your eyes go blind
Till your heart bleeds out
Till the sun don’t shine
Till the lord himself gives me a sign
I’m going to be the one to keep you afloat
I’ll shield you the fire, through the flames, and smoke
I’ll hold you like a baby so your soul doesn’t choke
I would lose everything just to let you know
That it’s going to be alright

Formed in 2015 the quartet, made up of the Rojas brothers, Landon, 22, and Cade, 21, alongside Smith, 21, and Gilbert, 23, attended the acclaimed Springboard Music Festival, Memphis, in the summer of 2019 where they were spotted, and immediately snapped up by legendary music manager, and the owner of Dark Spark Music, Vicky Hamilton.
Boasting a unique rock sound that is daringly honest and powerful the four-piece are seen to draw inspiration from that of The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Jeff Buckley, and Led Zeppelin Vicky, who was behind the careers of Guns N’ Roses, Faster Pussycat, Poison, among others, added: “I found Lovely World at Springboard Conference in Memphis; they were very new then but I just had a feeling they were going to be amazing within a year.
“Seven months later their growth is off the charts; they have made a beautiful record, toured across the USA, and are getting lots of industry attention, they are also a great live band, fun to watch.
“I’m very proud of them and I honestly feel that this time next year people will know their names and I really can’t wait to bring them to England very soon.
“I’ve worked with a lot of great rock bands and consider Lovely World to be one of my best.”

Lovely World have recently finished their east to west coast tour whilst they are yet to release upcoming dates of an East Coast tour. They will also be performing at an industry showcase which is set for April 9 at The Cutting Room, New York.

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All enquiries are too made to Vicky Hamilton direct via email



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