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Tyneside rock musician, Scott Michael Cavagan, has released a free, five-track EP, entitled ‘Live at Trillians.’
Containing five tracks, including a Manic Street Preachers cover, and a previously unreleased track, ‘Live at Trillians’ is just that, recorded live at Newcastle’s hub of all things rock, Trillians, and recorded and mixed by venue owner, Dave Hills.
Speaking of his release Scott, who released his debut album 21st Century Love (released on Sapien Records) just shy of twelve months ago, said: “I probably wouldn’t have released anything until later this year as I was doing a ‘proper EP’ but we already had this in the bank so thought, why not.
“This was something that easily done and the opportunity has presented itself so we thought, why not put it out, and release it for free – it’s also helping to pass the time for me as well.”
Joining Scott on ‘Live at Trillians,’ the rock maestro providing his usual vocals and guitar, are Andy Metcalf (guitar), Brian John Nicholson (bass) and Phil Bell (drums), a quartet line-up solidified for Scott for the first time.
“I had loads of different people performing on the album, something which was a pop rock love affair,” continued Scott.
“Whereas on this EP, and for the past year since the album released really, I’ve had a more stable band line-up and been able to introduce the new sounds and embraced a much rockier feel.  
“With the lads that are in the band, I’ve known them for years really, kind of like a super-group when you think of it, but I’m chuffed that we’re all able to do this together, now.”
Of the five tracks in which ‘Live at Trillians’ has, Scott opens with Weapons of Choice followed by the previously unreleased Lies, a track Scott says “sounds great, I’m just not sure that it’s one I’ll record.”
Third up is Hurts, the opening track from his debut album and the one which he began the promotional campaign for over twelve months ago, this is followed by the cover of the Manics’   single, From Despair to Where, before closing with Hold – overall a five-track rock down of goodness.
Speaking of ‘From to Despair to Where,’ something Scott relates to due to the influence provided by the Welsh alt rockers, a track which was the first from their second studio album, Gold Against the Soul, Scott adds: “The Manics’ are the biggest influence on me and my career.
“I originally shied away from it to be honest but more and more people liken me to the bands’ lead, James Dean Bradfield that I’ve embraced it more as I’ve got older which is cool.
“This release though, I love it, a proper live session from when we performed there back in December and Dave has done a great job with it as well.
“He’s got a studio at home and I think he’s had it for like twenty years or so, and it was a good project for him to get stuck into as well, more with the current situation and the bar not being able to open.”
With ‘Live at Trillians’ out now, what’s in the mind of Scott moving forward, a difficult scenario considering current happenings?
“Another EP hopefully, later in the year, through Sapien Records, that’s the plan. But we’ll have to see what happens first.”

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