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For The Day is the first track from the upcoming Living in Shadows project, a body of work that will be the first full album release by musicians Zoe Gilby and Andy Champion in over seven years.The single, to be released on July 31 across all digital platforms, makes a surprisingly, but welcomed, move away from their usual jazz forte, landing with a beautifully flighty appeal.“We picked this song as our first release from the album because it has a sense of a new beginning,” began the award-winning vocalist, Zoe Gilby.“It encapsulates a great deal of what the (upcoming) album is about.

It feels like it is a spring board that personifies the concept of that body of work.”Always a team effort, as has been witnessed via their Living Room Live, Patreon performances, Zoe is joined by her bass-playing husband, accomplished and esteemed musician, Andy Champion.The love of jazz remains with the duo, the musical genre having been a major part of their make-up for a number of years however, the inspiration of other artists, and genres alike, is often there for all to hear, both in live performances, and releases.“It wasn’t a conscious decision to ‘step away from the jazz,’ more a natural transition,” explained Zoe.  “That being said, there are still a lot of jazz influences with our new sound.“It is certainly more freeing to compose and record without worrying if it sounds like a certain genre or not.“Just to make the music that is in our hearts, without concerning ourselves with what pigeonhole it needs to fit into.”A somewhat excitable twist in the creative development of the duo, Zoe and Andy’s collaborative skills continue to shine through, the pair bouncing ideas off of each other with often regularity, and stunning effect.It is something which most certainly appears in the new release, Zoe and Andy taking flight with consummate ease, Zoe adding: “Like most songs we write, I start with a melody idea and then start writing lyrics.“Once I’ve got something fairly structured I take it to Andy and the composition begins to take place.“This single, it takes its inspiration from the migration of birds and is simply, the promise of a new journey, a new beginning.”

For The Day, the first single from the upcoming album, Living in Shadows, from Zoe Gilby and Andy Champion, will be available to download via all digital platforms on Friday 31 July.

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