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Doug Briney embodies all things country: His personality is warm and inviting, some would say down-to-earth, recalling the disposition of many a Southern Gentleman from yesteryear. With a 2013 Independent Country Music Association (ICoMA) Award, a 2014 Nashville Universe Award nomination, and a 2014 ICoMA Nomination for Best Single (“Super Country Cowboy”) this God-fearing road warrior, with the warm baritone voice and love for all things southern, has toured throughout the midwest, performing at honkytonks and churches from Nashville to Kansas City to Texas and back.

Now, Doug is ready to release the 2nd single from his Top 10 Roots Music Report album, Super Country Cowboy (TMG.) A touching and poignant tribute to our current troops, as well as to armed forces members throughout time, “Unknown Soldier” is being released, appropriately, on Memorial Day.  Written by Tedd French and Bob Dellaposta, the song is a natural fit for Doug, who has a son currently serving.  All summer long, Doug will be donating proceeds from the sales of the track, through his website, to Veterans Charities.

Watch Doug’s new video tribute at and catch Doug at CMA FEST, at the Wheeling Jamboree Booth and the Nashville Universe Booth!

  • 2012, 2013, 2014 ICoMA Nominee
  • 2013 ICoMA Winner, Best Live Performance
  • Nashville Universe Awards Nomination, Best Male
  • #6 Roots Music Report album, It’s All Country
  • Top 10 Roots Music Report album, Super Country Cowboy
  • #11 itunes New Country Release album, It’s All Country
  • Youtube videos with more than 350,000 views
  • CMA Fest Appearances
  • Radio promo, tv and performance tour
  • Veterans Donation Campaign
“Doug is passionate in his vocal delivery!”
– Brenda L. Madden, Country Entertainment USA
“A deep, soulful voice”
PowerSource Magazine“Giving me chill bumps!”
– Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville“BRILLIANT! Doug Briney is going right to the TOP!”
– Tedster, The Source 96.1 FM

“I not only love Doug’s music I love what he stands for in life as well.”
– Stoli, Skope Magazine

Introduction by Tim O’Connor

These interviews will be broadcast on the EGH Radio live section at on Tuesday 17th June from 8pm GMT.

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