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Film star looks, the vocals of your fifties and sixties jazz club musician serenading the underground of London or New York, Beth Macari’s whole persona in her latest release transports to a bygone era whilst she continues to stay true to her ideals.

In what is the second of five releases, the Tyneside soulstress continues her stunning story in ‘You Made My Baby Cry,’ a scene from which she pulls off the gangsters’ moll look to a tee…

Digging into her soulful, jazz roots Beth, who combines being a singer-songwriter with that of vocal coach, is putting all those years in the music industry to fabulous use, continuing an unnerving push towards stardom.

“This next single is a song about someone who always puts themselves first, but not in the positive, self-caring way,” Beth explains of You Made My Baby Cry.

“There are some people who, unfortunately, enjoy being unkind and have no care for what impact it has on another person.

“It’s my song to say that it’s not okay, there is no excuse for being nasty or hurtful!

“If you can be anything in this world, be kind!”

Words that couldn’t be more truer when spoken in the current climate let alone in ‘normal times,’ and for Beth, someone who does wear her heart on her sleeve and is a loving, caring, family-person, her music will resonate with most, if not all.

With ongoing themes running through her new releases, keep an eye out for them, they’re there, Beth has turn up the sassiness with her new offering whilst continuing in the well-trodden theme of honesty and self-love.

But what has she learnt from the two current releases, a step away from her previous offerings.

“I’ve taken a lot from both singles and I’m so pleased with the response to them,” continued Beth. 

“My fans have been super encouraging and enjoying this new, soulful direction.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt from making these five singles though is to always be you; I have spent all my career thus far so concerned with what others think of me and what they think I should do musically.

“Now, I’m fully accepting who I am and loving the music I’m making.”

Beginning in April, Beth Macari is releasing five ‘brutal, honest’ tracks, one every month, to complete a stunning story, the first saw I Promise (That I Got You), the second, which was released on May 8, is ‘You Made My Baby Cry,’ and is available from all the usual music outlets.

You can keep up-to-date with all things Beth Macari via her Facebook and Twitter 


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BSc (Hons) Sport Psychology 

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