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Comprised of two Navarre FL area musicians we are an eclectic Country band that has its feet buried in the white sand of The Redneck Riviera. W.B. and The Geezers are a merry band of musician’s who have decided to embrace our coming second childhood with instruments and drinks in hand. From the ridiculous ED commercials and senior dating to the effects of the wars of our past. We write, play and sing with experience and heart and will continue to do so until the beer can falls from our dead fingers.

How many Sixty year old’s put together an EP and a Full length CD and then try and break into Country music. We have been blessed by over 9500 fans on Facebook from Europe, Ireland, The UK, Canada,Australia as well as The US. We are not your Teenager’s country. We thought we were just old school but we have been reviewed and accepted as Alt-country,Roots Country and Americana. Please give a listen to our new CD “You See Old… I see History.”

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