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What started out as a hobby for Daniel soon turned into an obsession. He started playing guitar at the age of “13″. He idolized bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Guns n Roses. As he went from band to band. He soon learned that not many people had his work ethic and then decided to take matters into his hand. Through savvy networking he began to piece together a super group that includes Savannah on vocals, Jason Spillman on bass, and PJ on drums.

Romeo Kiss is a collection of new rock music releases written and performed by Thirteen Band, led by guitarist Daniel Manhanger and produced by Rocco Guarino (Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots, Elton John). The lead single released from this collection of new rock music is titled, ‘Time’. This song is somber reflection of lessons learned in a meaningful and loving relationship that has run its course. Tragedy has struck and the love has been lost. Album art designed by Brittany Guarino.

Thirteen, whose single Time was released in June, is a rustic yet peaceful tune focusing on reflection. Although poignant in its lyrics, it is difficult not to notice the electric guitar enticing throughout; offering shredding responses to guest singer Savannah’s sadness. Her singing, her delivery, it evokes longing for the one she lost and the time that is truly slipping away. This chick cannot help but feel a distant echo of a bit of Led Zeppelin and Evanescence. Fantastic!

The Rock Magazine – Jennajulana Cameron – July, 7, 2014

Heres an interview on how we think rock and roll needs to be saved from the garbage on the radio.