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Quinch is a Yorkshire (UK) based composer, programmer and technology whisperer who has spent most of his career working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry before finally getting round to writing some of his own music.

Viara is an established singer/songwriter and music educator, originally from Bulgaria but now living in Scotland.

Together they are collaborating online with a hand-picked selection of talented musicians under the banner The Quinch Experiment. The Quinch Experiment is a virtual band – None of the musicians have ever met each other and collaborate via a collection of emails, texts, file swapping and occasional phone calls.

Their first album will be out soon, after which they move on to the more challenging bit – how to promote themselves without any of the ‘normal’ band activities like performing on a stage together, although Quinch does have some live plans pencilled in for when he can get the technology working.

The Quinch Experiment online




Music from The Quinch Experiment