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The Aparte Project – melodic rock from Denmark – are singer and keyboard player Martin Guldberg, guitarist John Theodor Thomsen, bass player Christian Højer-Pedersen and drummer Martin Helsing.
The four band members share a passion for creating catchy tunes dressed in lyrics with a twist
The Aparte Project find inspiration in a broad variety of musical genres from rock to folk to pop and will sure capture your attention with their infectious melodic rock.
The songs from The Aparte Project during approx the last year have gained lots of airplay around the world including the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, India and Australia and some also received comments and features in publications such as the LA Times, Pittsburgh Music Magazine, Niji Magazine and Music Junkie Press.

Listen to the songs on Soundcloud to your right here ? but also from the website below, check out the full lyrics and find more information about The Aparte Project:


Read more in Niji Magazine

and in Music Junkie Press

The Aparte Project online




Music from The Aparte Project