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Fred W.Masters Was Born In Upstate New York On March 15th,1945.He Started Out By Playing The Flat Top Guitar At The Age Of Ten.Than As He Got Older He Started Playing Bass&Lead Guitar.Later On In His Years,He Decided To Take Up Playing The Pedal Steel Guitar.He Learned To Play The Steel Guitar Aka The Crying Steel When Wheeling West Virginia Was In.Fred Has Been Playing The Steel Guitar For About Twenty Years Now.The Steel Guitar Is His Most Favorite Instrument To Play.He’s Also A Singer,Song-Writer,Entertainer.Fred Has Played In Numerous Bands In The Past.He Had His Band In New York Called”The Country Gamblers”.Than In 1990 He Packed Up And Moved His Family To Arkansas.From There He Started Playing Again And Put Another Band Together “Steel-n-Country”.Fred Thought That Name Fit Because It Showed It Had Steel And Traditional Roots.He Played With His In Arkansas For Ten Years.Some Of His Influences Are:Conway Twitty,Gene Watson,George Jones,Brad Paisley,Vince Gill,Floyd Kramer,Johnny Lee,Marty Robbins,George Strait,Barbara Mandrell,Brooks&Dunn,Confederate Railroad,Mickey Gilley,etc.His Rock’n’Roll Influences Are:ZZ Top,Stevie Ray Vaughn,Molly Hatchet,Kiss,Eric Clapton,Bob Seger,Lynyrd Sknyard.Some Of His Steel Player Influences Are:Johnny Crochet,James Branton,Robbie Springfield,Bill Horton,Bobbie Seymoure,Jay Anderson.Fred’s Band Steel-n-Country Played All Over Arkansas.Here’s Some Of The Places:Johnny Cash Days In Dyess Arkansas,White River Carnival,Salem Street Dance,DAV’S,VFW’S,Copper Feather,Elk’s Lodge,Talleyhoe,Baxter Inn,etc.He Also Went To Nashville Where He Got Up On Stage And Sang With Some Bands At Tootsie’s And Others.He Also Went To Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen And He Gave Them One Of His Photo’s.So Loretta Had Her Staff Put It Up On Her Wall In The Diner At Hurricane Mills.Than He Went To Nacogdoches Texas,And There He Started Playing With A Band”Ken Johnson And Foolish Pride”.
Emmett Eugene Neeley Was Born On December 3rd,1971 In Garden City,Kansas.He Moved To Arkansas With His Family In 1982,Thats When He Was About Five Years Old.When He First Seen The Show “The Ed Sullivan Show”,Thats Where He Seen This Rock Group Called “Kiss”.Thats What Made Him Realize He Wanted To Become A Drummer.He Started Out By Playing The Beginners Drums.He First Played When He Was Seventeen.Than When he Was Twenty-Six He Got His First Set Of Real Drums.When Emmett Was Growing Up His Influences Were:Eric Singer,Peter Kris,Hank Williams Junior,Lynyrd Skynard,ZZ Top,Bob Seger,George Jones,George Strait,etc.Than As He Got Older They Changed Some.He Played With Bands:Smokey Road,Stone Hart,Lynn Stokes,And His Father Inlaw Fred W.Masters Of Steel-n-Country.He Played Alot Of The Places In Arkansas With His Father InLaw.Emmett Also Went To Nashville Tennessee With Fred And Set In With Afew Bands On Drums.He Still Continues To Play The Drums In The Band With His Father Inlaw.That Is How He Has Become The Drummer He Is Today.
The Band Plays A Different Variety Of Music Including:New And Old Country,Blues,Rock’n’Roll,Etc.The Band Plays Different Places Anything From:Benefits,Weddings,Bars,Fairs,Street Dances,And Many More.
“Mike Sanders On Lead Guitar,Vocals,Backup Vocals”
“Larry Pope On Bass Guitar”

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