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After performing together in a couple of Birmingham bands at the turn of the century and some occasional one-off projects since, Paul and Alex have gone back to their roots to create Sanchez 77. Based on the music they listened to together while at school, the sound takes in the energy of late 70s post-punk with their key influences being Wire, early Adam & the Ants and Gang of Four. After discovering the Peel sessions of Adam & the Ants last year, Paul immediately got in touch with his old school friend to start the ball rolling on this new, exciting collaboration. ‘All the young hipsters’ was posted online in June and has been featured on many online radio shows, and already been scheduled to appear on three compilation albums!

Scribble Republic E.P. features six short, snappy songs which focus on themes such as identity, conformity and growing up in Birmingham in the 1980s and 1990s.

Scribble Republic will be available exclusively on Bandcamp from 4 October 2014 General online release 15 November 2014

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