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EGH Radio @EGHRadioThe latest The EGH Radio Daily! #unsigned #rock
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Sabrina Petrini as seen on MTV, VH1 and LOGO TV with her music video “U MAKE ME (LOL)” and performance at the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS 2010 is all about the DIY.

In 2014 Sabrina Petrini locked endorsement deals with her favorite companies Mogami Cables and Audio Technica and became an artist at Roland US. She also became a voting member of the Grammy Academy and started collaborating with italian DJ/Producer Dechard. Their first single “Fucking In Love” was released February 2015 and had 22,103 hits after less than a week on SoundCloud. She became a VEVO artist and released a music video for “Fucking In Love” early May which also got a nomination for best pop at HMMA Awards.

Sabrina’s and Dechard’s second single “Fade Away” won an Akademia Award in September 2015 for best dance/pop. “Fade Away” is also in the ad for Martian Watches music control. Both “Fucking In Love” and “Fade Away” got picked up as soundtracks for the upcoming movie “Love Is All You Need” directed by Rocco Shields and based on the award winning short which was released in 2011.

Sabrina is currently in the studio with producer Gabe Lopez (James Brown, Belinda Carlisle, Universal), K.Chozen (Big Sean, Katy Perry) and Monkey Buisness Production and Dechard. Releasing this EP her audience can expect a focus on Sabrina’s strong and edgy vocals taking a pop/electronic/urban direction and it’s coming out at the beginning of 2016.

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