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It all started in 2006 when Ben, Paul & Charlie were all working together in Leeds. They got a band together doing standard rock covers and then realised that Ben and Paul were playing the wrong instruments and swapped resulting in instant success. Not long after that Ben found Matt performing an acoustic set at an open-mic night, the covers got dropped and the newly formed Red Light Revival started gigging. They reached the finals of a Northern Battle of the Bands and recorded two EPs in 2009 and 2012. Charlie introduced Jon in 2013 on lead guitarist and with a Spanish number one single to his name. Reinvigorated, festivals and gigs across northern UK followed and coupled with serious exposure on global internet radio a third album has now been recorded and is expected autumn 2015.

Red Light Revival are guitar driven northern UK classic rock.

Huge thanks to Stephen & Anne at EGH Radio for all their excellent support to #unsigned #music everywhere!

And in case you’re interested in what they get up to when they’re not spinning tracks…

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