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Something Different
Opus Sun defies the conventional creative rules. Blending Acoustic, Organic, Electronic, and well.. some things that are not actually instruments to make unique sonic combinations. The songs are stories of life, love, memories, torment, joy, aging, and crossing over. Of love lost, love found, and love you run from as fast as possible!

What Do You Hear?
More importantly, what do you feel? Songs rich in story line. Hard learned lessons of value and loss. Opus Sun is the continued work of Dana Brett Munach originally of The Dan Whitley Band and Signal Zero, and Larry Diaco originally of ASP SOUP. With the talents many guest and featured artists over the years: John Berkheuer, Rob and Annie Diaco, Fofi Lantra of Sabado Gigante. Guitarist Rick Garcia, and rap artists 3Faceses. All contributing to the diverse and eclectic tracks in the Opus

So What’s Next?
Opus Sun, after a several year hiatus, is back in the studio recording new tracks which are being periodically released as singles and by the end of 2017 will release the long anticipated third album aptly titled “O3”. Visit this site often for news, photos and new releases available on iTunes and many other popular music apps

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