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My love of music first became apparent when I took piano lessons at the age of 5. Ever since I’ve played keyboards and written songs. I got a band together a few years ago, but people came and went and after a while I reluctantly realised it wasn’t working out and my music came to a grinding halt. Over the next few years, regret haunted me at every turn and I was constantly looking over my shoulder. The want to write and play never left me. 3 and a half years ago, a strange sequence of events, starting with the sudden and tragic loss of my Father, began to push me back into music. Naturally I went with it.

Around this time I started to take the singing more seriously, as it was mostly the music before that, I would always sing along but never really considered myself a singer. That changed after I did a few gigs with a guitarist friend of mine and got a great response. Since then I decided to go it alone and have been busy writing and performing live and in August 2012 I released my debut album ‘All This Time’. Since then I’ve also released 4 official videos including one to my first single ‘Something’s Gotta Change’, which is a track featured on the EGH Radio album. I’m currently writing my second album and hope for a new single later this year.

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