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Nick Aslam is a product of the council estates and streets in Burton on Trent who in this last year has been injected by the press as one of the UK’s best new singer-songwriters. His quest into the music industry has been welcomed with enormous support from the BBC & local radio stations across the nation.
In a journey that spans 4 years, Nicks sound continues to grow and develop, inspired by the deep dark murky back streets of his hometown to the romance and magic of our very own cities!

Whether as a solo acoustic artist or with his band, Nick’s striking falsetto vocals and catchy lyrics don’t just tell a story, they make you remember the things you thought you had forgotten.

Nick Aslam and his band are spectacular live; He has a tremendous stage presence, you need to see him!
Dean Jackson (BBC)

NICK ASLAM is from all over the shop but there’s a couple of reasons why we’re glad to have him currently in Notts.

1) His catchy melodies and skillful songwriting are infectious and if you’re not toe-tapping at one of his gigs it must be because you have no toes.

2) His fusion of Folk, Indie and Country music really does just hit the spot. Young, exuberant and sure to be going somewhere   (Nottingham Nuisc)

From Kiss, David Bowie, and T-Rex, to Neil Diamond, Burt Bacharach, Johnny Cash, Richard Hawley, Paul Simon, Noel Gallagher, Oasis, The Stone Roses.

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