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Money is nowadays just a number on your bank card and value is just a material thing. Music is a produced formula and self-thinking robots will take over the world! Do you also suffer from the above complaints? Are you afraid that everything is fake nowadays? Money & The Man is the medicine!

The Dutch Garage Blues duo Money & The Man shows how music was once intended. Raw, sincere, exciting, loud and dirty, thrown at you during intense live shows. These two young guys from Zwolle will amaze you with their mature sound, formed by blues, indie and rock ‘n’ roll.

After a merciless jam session in 2013 Henk Wesselink and Ymte Koekkoek decided to form a band together. No more than a guitar, vocals (Henk) and a drum kit (Ymte) were needed to produce a thick and dynamic sound. Soon they made their first demo ‘Dance’ and the boys broke loose. As if the devil were on their heels, they played more than 250 shows in 4 years. Festivals, radio shows and their own concerts prove that Money & The Man has landed with a bang on the planet. The shockwave continues to spread after releasing two EPs; ‘The World is Burning’ and ‘Riddles’, recorded with Pablo van de Poel (Dewolff).

2018 is the year of their debut album: ‘Money & The Man’. Recorded in Eindhoven with Roel Blommers (Pauw, MOOON, Afterpartees, trauma helicopter and many others). The album is the next step to the ultimate world domination of Money & The Man and will be released in November 2018.

The world must be saved by people with an authentic rock ‘n’ roll mentality. The world must be saved by Money & The Man!

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