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Madame So is a Paris-born/London-based singer-songwriter.

She makes lyric-led guitar pop that has been likened to Hole, Blondie, Patti Smith and PJ Harvey.

Originally a music writer, she takes the plunge as a musician as of winter 2011, performing solo acoustic sets across the cities of London, Amsterdam and her native Paris.

In 2013, she releases her full band debut,’The Sell-by Date EP’, including the favourites ‘Sell-by Date’ and ‘Dig Deeper’.

You’ll either love the catchy immediacy of her melodies or dismiss it as being too “lo-fi”… Either way, in her own words: “If I pushed your buttons, I’ve accomplished my mission.”

‘The Sell-by Date EP’, and the single ‘If Only You Were Dead’ are out now.

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