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‘Twas a lazy rainy day that Saturday afternoon, when one very bored 12 year old Jonathan Vautour first picked up his father’s guitar.
Eventually a “few hours of time to kill” became a lifelong passion, followed closely by song-writing. As years flew by, Jonathan found himself playing in worship bands for churches, small gigs at coffee shops, and crowded block parties.
Om November 18, 2014, Jonathan released his debut album “From The Heart” a soulfully stripped, down acoustic LP featuring 10 original tracks.

Since then, Jonathan has been apart of many other thriving musical projects, including Heather Adam’s smash hit debut album, “I Guess I Dove A Little Too Deep” and Harvey Height’s “Not Good People, Just People”

Jonathan’s new single, “Monday” released November 18, 2016 as a momentum to his debut album. His new Ep is set to follow the single mid summer 2017.

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