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Originally from Long Island, NY, Joseph studied Latin Classical guitar as a child, and has since developed his own unique blend of musical genres from World, Classical, and Middle Eastern, to Jazz, Folk, and Celtic. While majoring in Environmental Design at the University of Georgia, Leone picked up a 12-string and began making up his own free-form chord structures and tunings. Throughout his musical career, he has always written and performed his original music; forming different bands and groups with instrumentation’s suited to his varied compositions. In the 1980’s Leone formed the group, Studio East, with musicians from Afghanistan and India: Sitar, tabla, violin, and guitar. It was then his love for merging East-West musical styles began. Song writing for him comes mostly from experimenting with different positions to play similar sounding arpeggios; with different finger pickings, tunings and time signatures. With lyrical pieces, Joseph writes thought provoking, metaphorical poetry. Some songs flow easily, while others take years of returning to the lyrics and progressions to complete.

Joseph has performed in, and written and produced numerous original choreo-dramas with dancers; including dancers from the Atlanta Ballet… (choreographed dance performances that tell a story, with some pieces based on his lyrics). He has received commissions to compose and record music scores for theatrical drama performances and dance companies. While residing in Atlanta, Leone also produced multi-media stage productions with world musicians and his video art projections as stage sets.

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