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Born, raised and back to his roots, Jamin Krause brings a spirit of connectivity to his listeners everywhere through his heartfelt lyrics and inviting compositions. Whether solo acoustic or playing in the band, Jamin’s music drives right into the heart of his fans sparking that inner light we all should let shine a little more than we do.

Growing up on a steady diet of Beatles, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, Jamin’s songwriting reflects his influences while painting his own unique, vivid and introspective pictures that his audience can relate to and identify with, making every song a personal experience.

Recorded in November 2016, Jamin’s timely debut single “Our Love Is Stronger Than Our Hate” speaks directly to our conflicted times and manages to transcend our separation and evoke the core values shared by people of all backgrounds and persuasions. His songs unite us in a time when there is so much trying to divide us.

Preparing to release his first EP Jamin is striving to expand the reach of his voice and his music. With the support of fans, friends and folks like you and soon a full album behind him, Jamin will be able to spread the message and joy of his music far and wide igniting new audiences with his heartfelt songs and uplifting spirit of his music.

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