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Independent recording artists: Ivory Tower Project are a new breed of old school rockers. New music with a retro sound inspired by the great Classic Pop/Rock artists of the 70s and 80s. Their debut CD: ‘Red Hot’ received rave reviews and airplay on over 700 stations in 32 countries. Their recently released sophomore CD: ‘How Much More?’ has more critical acclaim and is catching up to the debut in airplay.

Everyone wonders “How Much More?” sometime in their life, but not everyone has been challenged like the members of Ivory Tower Project have been, making this a very fitting title for their latest album. The New York-based vintage rock band, led by Mark Regula (vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars, percussion, bass and drums) and Tony Novarro (guitars, backing vocals, bass, percussion, drums and engineering) and featuring the late lyricist: Johnny Jace, packs a powerful 80s pop/rock punch in its music.

Writing songs in the vein of Foreigner, INXS, Boston and Styx; Ivory Tower Project was formed in the 1980s and members have seen their share of tragedies through the years. Johnny Jace passed away in 2003 and the lyrics in ‘How Much More?’ are some of his last. The group’s original drummer; Sal DiAngelo died in 1983. A serious car accident in 2009 left Mark Regula barely able to walk and suffering from chronic pain. Still, Regula
has persevered and kept Ivory Tower Project alive and growing. Longtime collaborator, friend and studio guitarist: Tony Novarro stepped up and became a strong partner.

Additional message:
The album title, ‘How Much More?’ refers to the various challenges the band has faced in life and came through. “In life, you sometimes find yourself waiting for a good thing to happen or a bad thing to end,” Regula said. “It’s like, ‘How much more can we take?’ That sentiment resonated with me and Johnny” (former songwriting collaborator). “The struggle can be tough, but it can also be important in that, if you don’t give up, you learn something.”

Reflecting back on ITP’s journey thus far, Regula says: “Music is what has kept us going. It’s been our light during the darkness of loss. This album is a memorial to those no longer here with us. I hope this music is as healing and cathartic for others as it has been for us. I hope it gives people a chance to escape their pain and fears, and feel hope.”