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ICENI (eye-seen-ee)
Newcastle- based purveyors of disco- infused power pop; a female trio who run almost entirely on good vibrations, close harmonies, keyboard riffs and cups of tea.

Following a heated discussion about the general indifference of much played on the radio , Liz and Lindsay decided deeds and not words were the way forward.
Taking to an untidy room in Newcastle, they wrote words into a big black book, communicated musical ideas by the astonishing medium of hand gestures, wrought astonishing piano riffs and in Lindsay’s case, learnt the bass. (on-going)
With a small but perfectly formed arsenal of songs at the ready, they knew that drums; possibly on a towering scale, were what was missing; so promptly got out the batphone to ring Lady Caroline Mary.

They have since released an EP, played 2 live sessions for BBC introducing, supported Jamie Cullum on tour, been shortlisted for Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition, played numerous festivals and gigs and are currently writing an between camping trips.