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Sören joins the band
European Tour’s
Recording with Producer Amir Aly at Yla Studios in Malmoe

T h e n e w s t o r y (not that new anymore)
The release of the album, Haywirecountry, is the beginning of the new Haywireband!
On March 29, 2014 we released the album Haywirecountry, followed by three gigs in 24 hours.
Great Reviews from all over the globe!

Nominated at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2014.
LA and Nashville in November.
New songs are written and recorded.
Radio and media coverage of the band from july 28.

T h e B a n d
Anders Bovin – Drums
Stefan Embretsson – Bass and Vocals
Mikael Gottberg – Vocals and Guitars
Sören Jonsson – Banjo, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Guitars and Vocals
Gustav Larsson – Keyboard and Vocals
Mikael Rosbäck – Guitars and Vocals

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