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EGH Radio @EGHRadioFeat on the #Unsigned Madness #UnsignedHour LIVE Show this Wed from 9pm UK time at are:…
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GREYE a Daytona Beach, Florida based group of musicians that approaches its musical writing by fusing rock, rhythm and blues, Americana, intricate harmonies and traditional folk. The result is what we like to call “Progressive Folk.” After all, the world is not just black and white but many, many, shades of GREYE.

Media/Reviews –

“In a music world that tends to be driven by top forty artists and high budget record label marketing, it is refreshing to hear a band that is rising above the mundane to produce a sound that is both new and at the same time drawing on the hit sounds of the 70’s and 80’s. Soul Traveller Radio has added two tracks from Greye’s new album Providence into high rotation. The band’s namesake song, Greye and Songbird deliver conscious lyrics, telling it like it is with no desire to cushion the impact, and a solid vocal performance by the two lead singers Hannah Summer and Jett Wolfe. The album also includes one of the funkiest versions of Edie Brickell’s What I Am that we have heard. A great way to round out an album that will find its way to repeat on your iPod.”

Shayne Locke
Soul Traveller Radio, Chevron Island, Australia

“Greye is the perfect example of why I personally love to discover independent musicians, who are out there sacrificing what they have and opening their hearts to the world, all for the dream of sincere music… “Providence” is an original, poetic and refreshing new album, full of strong societal commentary and sentimental subjects that are distinguishable and relatable to many young people. The amazing dedication and collaboration between all members of the band “Greye” took freshly written verses and applied them to fresh melodies, instantaneously and collectively creating beautiful songs…”

David Inestroza
Chessboard Radio, Boston, MA

“Do yourself a favor and check out Greye, they are sure to stick around and keep you grooving with a fresh funky sound! They mix her melodic voice beautifully with the male counterparts to the point of genius, forget 50 shades, one dose of Greye is all you need at the end of the day to unwind and lose yourself to a music masterpiece… I can’t describe how each song went deep inside and hit right where I needed it to. The sound they have I can only be describe as funky chill soul awesomeness!”

Jon Allred
Indie Music Lives Here, Portland, Oregon