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EGH Radio @EGHRadioFeat on the #LiveinTheLockdown Show with @StephenAndAnne from 9pm UK time at…
EGH Radio @EGHRadioFeat on the #LiveinTheLockdown Show with @StephenAndAnne from 9pm UK time at…
EGH Radio @EGHRadioFeat on the #LiveinTheLockdown Show with @StephenAndAnne from 9pm UK time at…
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The story of Grey Sky Rising actually starts many moons ago. The duo Chris Semones and Scott Spencer started back in the early 2000’s when they first decided to let their musical partnership begin. After a few failed attempts at creating a band, they finally came together in the band Half Broke in 2004. They toured extensisvly and released three albums before finally calling what ended up being a permanent hiatus to Half Broke.

Always being connected in their personal lives, the years passed but they always had a little calling in their head to come back together to create music. Finally, after years of musical silence, the duo came back together to start Grey Sky Rising, writing songs near the end of 2016. Time hadn’t changed much and the duo started churning out more musical tunes for the world to hear.

Their influences play a big part in their sound. Unline most artists though, their influences range from everything from Metallica to Bruce Springsteen to Garth Brooks. With such a wide pool of influences, the sound of Grey Sky Rising isn’t one that is easy to put into any genre.

With a back log of songs, the duo are dropping singles on a weekly basis. The new album was released on May, 27th 2017. The album will is a concept album with the narrative following the character of Jason Reese and his struggles with narcolepsy and life in general. Also, the duo is working hard at producing music videos and their own blog videos on YouTube.

With a new album, the future seems bright for Grey Sky Rising.

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