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GRAHAM GRAHAM BECK (also known as GRAHAM BECK) – Keyboard player, audio ‘soundscapist’, singer-songwriter, & enthusiastic synth knob-twiddler. I’ve played with Wreckless Eric, & other not-so-well-known musicians & bands throughout the ages.

My music doesn’t fall into any particular category, as it tends to straddle several different genres….But, my live performances hint at Pop, Rock, Music Hall, Jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, Something Else & whatever I feel is appropriate at the time!
I have a quirky outlook on life, & this is reflected in my songs. If I can make people feel good (with a bit of entertainment thrown in when playing live), then it’s all been worthwhile.
1st. solo album, ‘A Bathful Of Nasturtiums’, came out last year. I’m working on my 2nd. solo album, entitled ‘Lo-Tech Music For Hi-Tech People’.
I am a man of MANY HEADS!!

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