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Indietronica duo glymjack combine the synth-pop textures of Saint Etienne or New Order with the literate attitude of Pulp or early Elvis Costello to produce a trashy, mirror-ball soundtrack to tragicomic three-minute-melodramas, lit through by Dickon Collinson’s angelic counter-tenor.

Already hailed as “an unbelievable debut– perfect, soaring electro-pop” by Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net, glymjack’s debut single “Nothing Scuffs the Soles of your Shoes” is released on the 8th December.

In the absence of street lighting in Victorian London, a glymjack was a street urchin, or “jack”, who, by the light of a candle or “glym”, led drunken revellers home to safety – or down a dark alley to an unpleasant end. Guiding light or treacherous flame? Synthetic trash masquerading as heartfelt passion, or heartfelt passion disguised as synthetic trash? See where glymjack leads you.

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