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EGH Radio @EGHRadioThe latest The EGH Radio Daily! #unsigned #rock
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Davy’s Gripp are five musicians with brains, bollocks and a balls out attitude, performing and writing with an energy, passion and desire to continually share their “signature sound” to the world.

After dragging their nuts across the floor, bruised, battered and bleeding the hard work and determination is paying off with repeat shows being played at The Talking Heads -Southampton, The Wedgewood Rooms – Portsmouth and The 02 Academy – Islington as well as many others. Davy’s Gripp have recently supported Toseland and The Virginmarys on their UK tours, dropping the pin and puncturing the map, proving themselves as a band to watch out for!!

Front man Richie (Lead Vocals) injects his own style and sound with a unique song writing ability and raw yet smooth melodic vocals.

Chris Kanter (Lead Guitar) plays with charisma and passion with his flamboyant stage presence, soaring solos and ever changing utterly delicious riffs.

Woodsey (Rhythm Guitar) and Benji (Bass) rock the foundations with high gain, balls to the wall rhythm and thundering bass lines and backing vocals thrown in for good measure.

Irrepressible technical drum attacks by ‘Silent’ Matt Taylor completing the undeniable signature sound of ‘The Gripp’.

Following an awesome response to 2013’s ‘Wicked Game’ EP and early 2014’s ‘State Of Mind’ live album, The Gripp have been hard at work on a new project ; ‘The Search’. The new music video for the title track has been released – a straight-up, no-holds-barred rock ‘n’ roll video with no expense spared! A new EP is due to follow shortly, featuring The Gripp’s best work to date!

Davy’s Gripp will continue to break down doors, widen their popularity and get their music delivered to the people its written for the fans.

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