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Dark Materia its
indie rock, techno, somekind darkwave electrónic,cold synths,haunting vocals

Dark Materia is an electronic music producer,
Living around many places in the usa for long years studying in some music & arts academics schools on my way .

Knowing and losing friends all that time.
then i had to migrate to a new city
where due to the situation
my music skills began………

please take a trip with this noise
feel comfortable, and relax

it music,its like a dark storm of music
keeping up the heavy vibes and cold synths
drums & guitars with him

and with a lot of influences of the darkwave post punk electronic and more bands like:joy division darkside the cure she past away she wants revenge lebanon hanover the undergrounds thelocust scary kids austin tv incubus deftones maniqui lazer lipstick terror klaxons crystal castles bloc party the bravery silent all leather asmany many more

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