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D. S. Bradford is a singer-songwriter, performer, recording artist, vocalist, and guitarist from Horsham, a suburban town near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to being a musical performer, Bradford is a visual artist whose works are mostly considered to be surrealism. An example of which is his cover art for “Oceans,” his debut single (released July 1, 2014).

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, his life started with a natural love of music and art that took ahold of him at an early age. Spurred by his parents, who were classical singers, as well as theatrical performers, Bradford developed first within the realm of visual art and illustration, then to vocal performance and guitar. Learning these skills lead to songwriting, with the ultimate goal of composing music for film and television and beginning a catalog of releases.

David started to write songs in 2007, while with his previous band. In 2010, David had the great fortune of consulting with award-winning
artist development coach, multi- platinum music producer, songwriter, and A&R representative Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, etc.), whose critique and guidance shed light on better songwriting techniques, arrangement, and studio engineering. Bradford then signed with BMI as a songwriter and started his career.

Bradford has performed in notable venues in the Atlantic Northeast, both with his previous band and as a solo artist. Cities and states included are: Philadelphia and suburbs, New Jersey, New York City, and Delaware, with some performances being sponsored by Philadelphia rock stations: Radio 104.5 and 93.3 WMMR.

After a two-year break from creating music and performing, due in part to the fact that he needed to reset his priorities, Bradford wrote and recorded what is now his debut single, “Oceans.” As stated in recent interviews around the release, this song was the catalyst that allowed Bradford to rebound from his mistakes and was the start of creating something that was real and that can harness a true connection, something that he felt he was lacking with all of his previous work. The song was released on July 1, 2014, in conjunction with an art piece. “Oceans” received many positive reviews, press coverage, airplay on iHeart Radio and EGH radio – among other stations, and earned Bradford the “Artist of the Month Award: Rock category” from, and “Artist of the Week” on

Currently, David is working on writing music for an EP, which will also contain artwork for each individual song.

Bradford has a fiancé and one-year-old son, both of whom are his first priority. Their love and support are what drive him to continue creating art.

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