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Coma Cat has awakened to bring you pure catnip. The bassless trio from Edinburgh, UK plays rabid shed rock – a genre-bending type of minimal punk garage conceived for the felines of tomorrow. Or let’s just call it music.

Coma Cat does not attempt to fit a genre and rather sheds than shreds. The all-female trio prefers to keep things minimal and plays from the heart rather than attempting impressive but ultimately soulless technical exercises. Red Ribela (gt, vox), Fi Banshee (drums) and Sha Rivari (vox, gt) are here to shake you out of your slumber and get you hooked on what life is all about!

‘Scratch EP’, Coma Cat’s first recorded output is a hairball of raw musical fierceness aimed at life’s struggles and the state of the world today. Lead single Angerland is a hiss-turned-growl comment on Brexit, EP opener Red Wednesday a cathartic period pogo. ‘Scratch EP’ was recorded in Newcastle with Anne Langourieux of celebrated punk-pop duo The Noise and the Naive and was funded using a recording bursary from Girls Rock School Edinburgh.

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