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Born in the mountainous Black Hills of Dakota and raised by wolves,
Bucky writes and performs American folk/pop songs with a contemporary socio-political awareness.

Think Hank Williams meets Eddie Cochran meets Bob Dylan meets Paul Simon meets Curt Cobain – and a slide guitar.

Additional message:
“Why Play Now?” (new six song EP) is unpolished, immediate, topical, sometimes funny, and always very real.

Suggested starting point: “I Shall Be Free No. 709.”

Then “Brave New World”

Bucky’s roots are in the days when popular music mattered – when musicians were our public poets and took risks seeking the truth.

In these exciting times of cultural and political revolution in the US nobody else is writing and singing songs that speak candidly about the world outside our windows.

“Why Play Now?” was recorded in a house. In Dallas, Texas. In one day. With one performer. On borrowed equipment. Six songs, two live takes of each. No overdubs. Recorded, edited, mixed, produced, mastered and uploaded in 23 days. (Is that rock n’ roll or what?)

Have fun and give it a listen.

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