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Bristol Kids are the premiere North American Pop Rock Duo. It seems like for some writers the music always comes first, but with James he hears the song in his head. He hears the words and music together more often than not. Keri is Lead Vocals and has taken up bass guitar. James plays acoustic and electric guitars. From Venice Beach in L.A. to Venice Beach in Florida they have traveled. And they love Nashville. Like most Singer-Songwriters they write together each day.

Both are college graduates and highly skilled in Music and the Arts. James is also a successful Painter-Artist. And Keri has won awards for her writing.

Keri is a great singer. No small wonder, indeed. Tall and slender with beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair she is both transcendent and immaculate at any given moment. Watching her is like a liquifaction of poetry as she sings and moves on stage. James is solid on guitar backing her – like an anchor he is reliable and calm.

We write our own Original Tunes together. James has lyrics completed for over 2000 songs. Keri and James collaborate on songs as a team. Keri is a lovely singer.
We are working on our New EP Warm Winter Nights. Our first album of songs Wireless Dreams is available on Apple Music now.

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