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Brian Walker is a Pop/R&B singer-songwriter, producer and mix engineer from East Kingston, NH. Walker was raised on Monahan Farm, a family-run fruit and vegetable farm in the small town of East Kingston, NH. Walker started playing piano at the age of 5 by playing song melodies on the piano by ear. In college, while attending the University of New Hampshire, he started to pursue music more seriously, buying his first guitar, performing at local open mics, and writing songs. Walker graduated UNH in 2015, and went on to study Songwriting, Music Production & Engineering and Electronic Production & Design at Berklee College of Music.

While attending Berklee, Walker started to gig professionally. Over the course of the last two years (2018-2019), Walker has played a total of 176 shows. Walker has been working at Cybersound Recording Studios in Boston, MA since January of 2018.

Walker is a bit of a DYI artist, and with the exception of collaborations, writes, produces, mixes and performs his own songs. Walker released his first single, “Conflicted” on 10.31.18, a song he wrote, mixed, produced and performed all parts for. He followed it up with his second single, “Call Me” on 1.31.19, which he also wrote, mixed, produced and performed all parts for. Walker cowrote the R&B song “Forever I Swear” with one of his peers from Berklee, the artist Zenon, and he also produced and mixed the song.

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