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Billy and the Rebels 19 year old singer songwriter, Shaye is a true rebel. Rising above childhood trauma, she turned to music to heal. For Shaye, it’s not just about making people feel good with her music, but also having an outlook on life that is positive. She wants everyone to share in her happy-go-lucky outlook. “I love unique style, steam punk, and all styles of music. I want others in pain to realize what music can do to repair the soul.”

Enter band producer /guitarist/ songwriter , Derek Sidoti. “People will see Shaye, love her and not know why.”

Shay lives music, sings plays guitar & piano fluently. She is the real deal a great Role Model for Teenagers or anyone.

Derek asked Shaye to sing on some of his new songs – it all began when Shaye brought her own, unique style on the track, “Move On.” an unusual collaboration between rebellious individuals.

Before the stars collided between Shaye, The band has opened for many major national acts such as Sum 41, Foo Fighters and Cheap Trick while touring across the US, Canada, and South Africa performing to crowds of 50,000+.

The band is mix of very different individuals who create a unique sound.
It’s a rebellion against the normal.

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