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We are Gaz White & Spike two Singer/Songwriters of original material From the earthy working class middle of England that share a love of Songwriting and Music in general. Having spent years making music and writing we met after being thrown together when the two of us found ourselves working for the same company, After many talks of music and what has influenced us through life we both reluctantly decided to get together to jam, it was reluctant because both of us had become somewhat jaded by the way music is controlled and the way some musicians act.

Luckily we did get together and we found that what music and songs we had made individually we both liked, also most importantly what was created together musically seemed fresh and a bit different. So we decided to continue this musical partnership and see where it would lead too, the results will be played live and some will be recorded in our little makeshift studio and posted here and on our Facebook page, We do like a rough around the edges sound recorded as live as possible and we both share vocal duties as well as the other instruments, Hope you enjoy and if you do please share and spread our love of our music if not then many apologies and we hope you find some music you do…….Gaz White & Spike