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It’s like this. My name is Becca McCann, and I am a little obsessed with the things that really matter in life, like family, love, faith. I love it when I find people who don’t mind this obsession with purpose. People who believe in the same things we all dream about doing if only we had the time, money, the courage.

I call them kindred spirits. You might be one of them.

See, I’m a dreamer. I dream that everybody in the world could go back to the time when they really loved the people they loved. I asked my family to join me going after our dreams. And that’s what we do. We cherish every moment, singing, writing, catching the rain, traveling, bringing orphans home, celebrating all of the above.
And through it all we are never alone.

I guess you could say I’m the luckiest girl in the world, and I write music about those blessings. This music is just the soundtrack to a life filled with blessings. But I’m never on my own. That’s what makes us the luckiest family in the world. Our brand-new album is BECCA MCCANN & THE ESSIES.

“They shall pour forth the fame of your abundant goodness and shall sing aloud of your righteousness.”
Psalm 145:7

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