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Hailing from Manchester, UK, Baum Jr. is a newly emerging musician with an aptitude for creating catchy electro songs with edgier vocals. Boasting a background in rock, this eclectic artist is always keen on exploring electro-synth music from a whole new perspective. His music combines electronic soundscapes, retro synths, bleeps, bloops and blips with glitchy sonic effects, all fused with the familiar warmth of rock vocals and acoustic drums.

Baum Jr. was inspired by various 8-bit computer game soundtracks (think Sonic, Megadrives and modern day indie games), 80’s synth, and a myriad of film scores. These inspirations and thoughts shine through with each song, yet Baum Jr. is able to keep his music fresh and unique. His music is up-to-date with the electric scene, falling within multiple genres under said umbrella. Perhaps the best way to describe the crisp style of Baum Jr. is ‘Next Generation 8-bit’.

Each single released will be a double A-side combining an original song as well as an electronic cover version. These covers often take the song out of its original genre, key or style, breaking the song down to its foundation and then building it back up until it’s essentially a new electro song in its own right.

Baum Jr. set out to create music that is filled with nostalgia (who doesn’t remember that video game 8-bit sound with a smile?) but also with innovation and character for the next generation.

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