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Those Alone’s sound as described by the music site When The Anchor Drops “is as if Alice in Chains met Charles Bukowski and jammed with Joe Satriani…Those Alone merges the best aspects of hauntingly poetic lyrics with the thick, gnarly guitar work of something you could only find from the darkest depths of the 90s grunge rock scene.”

Although they are from the Boston, MA, their sound is much closer to the 90’s bands of the Northwest like Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. They incorporate hard rock, metal, classic rock, and acoustic elements into their songs. The sound is a raw, melodic mix of classic and modern rock that’s rare to come across these days.

Those Alone songs can be heard on many Indie Radio stations and syndicated shows. On November 28th the band released their brand new EP “String By String” and are currently preparing for a very active winter show schedule.

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