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We – Allen and Douglas – have been writing songs since our teens. Strumming, singing and writing away in old railway stations and under canal bridges we developed our sound, harmonies and song-craft as young men through hard work and trial and error.

Nowadays after several hiatuses due to differing work and travel paths we practice and record regularly in a small bedroom studio in Birmingham UK.

We write primarily for pleasure, producing many genres of music . Our latest body of work “CASINO GAMES” is ultimately an indie sound with an electronic edge. Previous albums were DRIFTWOOD which is essentially modern folk and demonstrative of harmonies and niche song writing. Other works include “THE VORTEX”, “SEARCHING FOR THE CAGED GOD”, “NEW SPIRITS AND OLD GHOSTS”, “ALL THE RIGHT NOISES” and “THOUGHTS OF YESTERDAY” which were more eclectic.

It would be magic if you have the time to check us out. Contact us. Tell us what you do and don’t like etc. WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST! ALLEN AND DOUGLAS (CRAIG AND STEVE)

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