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Akayshia Estee Barbee aka Akayshia Estee was born October 30, 1991.
Akayshia Estee has made it her goal to be a positive role model for a generation of innocent young women that are spoon feed vain and impossible goals for: fashion, love, morality, education, and even self respect.

​Akayshia Estee wants to fill this gap by utilizing music, songs, lyrics, and dance to become a positive inspiration for these young ladies.

​A lifetime passion for dance and music lead her to combine theses talents to become a well rounded entertainer.

Akayshia Estee current single: “Wanna Be Loved” is a lyrical story followed up by a beat driven hook that will relate to anyone who has ever been a bad relationship.

Now, with two hot songs “Trendsetta: and “Wanna Be Loved” behind her. Akayshia Estee is ready is making new music and she is ready for her journey into the Entertainment Industry.