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borders ancestry

Borders Ancestry Live Outdoor Broadcast

Borders Ancestry are sponsors of both live shows that Stephen and Anne produce here at EGH Radio. Sunday 13th of July 3pm to 6pm LIVE UK time is going to be a bit special as the EGH Radio’s Stephen and Anne will be hosting a live show from Borders Ancestry[...]

BoomBox America

BoomBox America with Chuck Gotski

A new show arrives at EGH Radio with Chuck Gotski’s BoomBox America. 30 minutes of mayhem and music. Please tune in via the live area of EGH Radio ( straight after Unsigned Madness at 20.30 UK time. Please show your support to Chuck and give him a Twitter follow at[...]

Ellen Wade

Unsigned Madness with Ellen Wade

Stephen is off on his holidays to Illinois so for Unsigned Madness tonight we have our interview with Folk Singer and Songwriter, Ellen Wade. Born in Scotland 71 years ago and born to sing, Ellen Wade moved to the West Country as a young teenager. There she sang in Folk[...]


Diane Green Interviews Roxanna

It was while studying to be a nurse that singer/songwriter Roxanna witnessed first hand the healing power of music. Sitting bedside with a patient suffering from dementia, she sang gently to the elderly woman, who was no longer swallowing. “She looked into my eyes and for the first time, I[...]